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TRAVEL ACADEMY has strategic placement partnership with various Airlines, Hotels and Travel Companies


Sandeep Saksena

Airline, Travel & Tourism Consultant & Trainer with over 26 years of experience

As a Trainer, has conducted several training programs in the state capitals of India and Kathmandu - Nepal for IATA of International fares and ticketing. Has experience of Trainings, Industry affairs, Marketing, Operations, Airport flight handling, GDS fares and ticketing. Effective 1995, on a continuous basis, as a faculty, associated with IATA Authorised Training Centres and has conducted IATA / UFTAA Foundation Course for more than 2000 candidates.


Shaily Patel

Airline, Travel & Tourism Trainer with over 23 years of experience

As a trainer has been teaching tourism and hospitality since 1998. Has acquired Master of Tourism Management as well as Master in Hotel Management. Also successfully cleared DGCA examination for DO 328 aircraft, IATA –UFTAA Diploma. Has rich experience in tourism and hospitality and has trained more than 2000 students in Institutions like Kuoni Management Institute, Anand Institute of Tourism Management, Frankfinn Institute of Air Hostess Management and Travel Academy.